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Pulsar XO – Get Started


On, Pair, Play

It is the same as using a Bluetooth speaker.

Quick start guide

1 – Turn it on by holding the (middle) power button for 2-3 seconds. Charge it if needed by plugging in the micro USB cable. Blinking red = charging, solid red = fully charged.

2 – When the blue light is blinking fast it is in pair mode. Go to Bluetooth settings on your phone/tablet and pair with “tape speaker.”

3 – Go to the “protocols” on resona.health, turn the phone volume to max, and play the protocol.

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To power it on, hold the middle button down for 2 seconds

The Blue LED light will turn on

When the blue LED is flashing, the device is ready to pair

Go to settings on your phone


And select “Tape Speaker”

Open your web browser

Go to Resona.Health

Protocols, then device protocols

Select the protocol you wish to run

You can loop the protocol for it to run continuously by selecting the number 1 in the loop

Hit play and turn up the volume on your phone

Place it in your pant pocket

Shirt pocket

Wear it around your neck with a lanyard

Or place it under your pillow

There are 3 slots

A micro SD slot

Charging port

And an emergency phone charger

To charge the device, plug in any micro-USB cable

The blinking red light means its charging

The solid red light means its fully charged

A single protocol can be ran without a Bluetooth connection using a micro SD card (sold separately)

Use the device to charge your phone as well.

Pulsar XO, Frequencies for what ails you

Attaching the Lanyard

Click here for lanyard instructions

Big favor – Would you please give us a 30 second video testimonial…pretty please?

Micro SD Card Instructions

Click here for Micro SD Card Instructions