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Pulsar XO Lanyard Instructions

The video above shows method to attach the lanyard to your Pulsar XO or VIBE using a twist tie wire.. Remove the contents from the box if you have not already.

Locate the through holes on the corner of the device. You are going to thread the lanyard attach string through these two slots.

Now the challenge here is the lanyard string is very flexible and it can be a little tricky to get the string to feed through.

So, you need a small string or wire to put in the through hole first to allow you to pull the string back through. What works really nice here, is you can take the twist tie from the USB micro cable and pinch the insulation with your fingernail to pull part of it off.

Now you have exposed the thin wire.

Bend a slight curve in the wire so it will easily feed through the through hole.

Attach the lanyard string to the wire and bend the wire over to hold it firmly

Then pull the lanyard string through the through hole completely.

The last step is to take the other end of the main lanyard strap and feed it back through the lanyard string.

That’s all there is to it. Now you are good to go. Thank You.

Also you can use a needle to get the string through