The Vibe: Brain Wave Protocols for Conditions and Symptoms

Brain Wave Expansion Protocols

The VIBE comes with 59 Core protocols. In general if there is a specific protocol on the VIBE for your ailment of concern, then that specific protocol should be your 1st choice.

As an additional approach, the VIBE has 5  Brain Wave protocols that are in range of 1-30 Hz. Therefore these 5 protocols can be used to address the following conditions and symptoms below as well.

These frequencies were determined by other PEMF practitioners.

These 5 Brain Wave Expansion Protocols greatly increase the versatility of the VIBE.

Condition/Symptom/DiseaseFrequency/RangeBrain Wave
Arrhythmia7-8 HzTheta
Alzheimer’s2-8 HzDelta/Theta
Angina2-8 HzDelta/Theta
Arteriosclerosis7-10 HzThetaAlpha
Bruises10-14 HzAlpha/Beta
Cervical Vertebra Pain15-20 HzBeta
Chronic blepharitis1-2 HzDelta
Chronic pelvic pain5-7 HzTheta
Circulatory dysfunction7-10 HzTheta/Alpha
Crohn’s Disease12-22 HzBeta
Cystitis5-8 HzTheta
Dental and oral diseases30 HzGamma
Depression3 or 20 HzDelta/Beta
Diabetes12-22 HzBeta
Dizziness10-15 HzAlpha/Beta
Eczema10-15 HzAlpha/Beta
Erectile Dysfunction6 HzTheta
Fibromyalgia18 HzBeta
Fractures10 or 20 HzAlpha/Beta
Frozen shoulder7-8 HzTheta
Glaucoma, atrophy of the optic nerve12-22 HzAlpha/Beta
Headache3 or 6-10 HzDelta/Theta
Hepatitis12-22 HzBeta
Herniated disc16-20 or 30 HzBeta/Gamma
Hyperactivity20 HzBeta
High blood pressure1-5 HzDelta/Theta
Immune system enhancement24 HzBeta
Joint dislocations and sprains10 HzAlpha
Ligament injuries10-15 HzAlpha/Beta
Low blood pressure20-24 HzBeta
Lumbago10 or 20 HzAlpha/Beta
Lymphatic disorders12-22 HzBeta
Menopause5-8 HzTheta
Menstrual pain5-7 HzTheta
Migraines4-10 HzTheta/Alpha
Multiple Sclerosis5, 13 or 20 HzTheta/Alpha/Beta
Muscles strains11-15 HzAlpha/Beta
Musculoskeletal pain10 HzAlpha
Nerve pain or neuropathy6 HzTheta
Neuralgia Trigemini15-20 HzBeta
Neurodermatitis10-15 HzAlpha/Beta
Nonunion fractures10 or 20 HzAlpha/Beta
Osteoarthritis8-12 or 18 HzAlpha/Beta
Osteonecrosis/osteochondrosis10 or 19-20 HzAlpha/Beta
Osteoporosis8-10 or 15-19 HzAlpha/Beta
Pain from wound healing11-15 or 17 HzAlpha/Beta
Parkinson’s Disease20 HzBeta
Periostitis6 HzTheta
Phantom pain16-19 HzBeta
Poor circulation2-6 or 20 HzDelta/Theta/Beta
Prostatitis3-8 HzDelta/Theta
Psoriasis12-22 HzBeta
Psoriatic arthritis12-22 HzBeta
Psychosomatic Syndrome22 HzBeta
Raynaud’s Syndrome15 HzBeta
Respiratory diseases12-22 HzBeta
Rheumatoid Arthritis10 or 20 HzAlpha/Beta
Sciatica16-20 HzBeta
Skin Allergies, Decubitus, Ulcus Cruris10-15 HzAlpha/Beta
Sleep disorders1-5 HzDelta/Theta
Spinal injuries12-22 HzBeta
Stomach aches10 HzAlpha/Beta
Stress3 or 5 HzDelta/Theta
Stroke7-10 or 20 HzTheta/Alpha/ Beta
Swelling (Edema)10 HzAlpha
Systemic Lupus Erythemasosus (SLE)12-22 HzBeta
Tendinitis8 HzAlpha
Tinnitus10 HzAlpha
Tuberculosis (TB)4 HzTheta
Varicose Veins7-10 HzTheta/Alpha
Wound healing1-5 HzDelta/Theta