NVF | Resona Health - Resonance Frequency Therapy


The National Veterans Foundation has partnered with Resona Health to bring PTSD relief to all veterans and family members who need it.

92% Success Rate in Clinical Trials with PTSD. The world’s only “Pocket” PEMF device for relief from PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Back Pain, Asthma, Migraine, and Insomnia plus 40 additional copyrighted protocols. An at-home solution with no doctor visits, drugs, or prescriptions. A single standalone device with no bulky wires. No monthly subscription fees.  An affordable solution that works. Invented by a Rocket Scientist. See how easy it is to use.

Maybe the most important video you will ever watch
 For a limited time, Save $250 for Military Veterans Only, regular price $399, now only $149 for family and friends of NVF. Contact us for details and to receive a special code.