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Vibe Instructions

This video shows how to attach the lanyard with a wire or bread twist tie. The video uses the Pulsar XO, but the technique is the same for the VIBE.

This video shows how to attach the lanyard with a needle.

This video shows how to attach the lanyard with the lanyard tool.

This video shows how to use the Magnetic Field Tester.

  1. Turn it on
  2. Scroll to the protocol you want
  3. Press play
  4. Wear it with a lanyard or place it in your pocket


Starting out, you should use the VIBE a minimum of 3-4 times a week for 30 days. However, you can use it as often as you like and you can run as may different protocols as you like. We have customers who use it multiple times per day. If your body needs the frequencies it will use them, if not they will simply pass though the body with no effect. You can not overdose, so feel free to use the VIBE as often as you like.


For the maximum effectiveness you need to be fully hydrated before a session. This means at least 4 (12 oz.) glasses of water in the preceding 4 hours before you start the therapy.


The display screen shows a graphic display of the frequencies, energy level, battery level, protocol, timer, and progress bar while running a protocol. 


Hold the On/Off button for 3 seconds to activate.


When you power on the device, the screen defaults to the menu and 1st protocol “Acne”. Pressing the right arrow will advance alphabetically “forward” through the protocols. The left arrow allows you to scroll backwards to get to the end of the alphabet more quickly.

Once you have selected a protocol, the menu button brings you back to the menu starting again at acne. So the only time you really use the menu button is to get back to the menu if you have already selected or running a protocol, because the device defaults to the menu screen on power up.


Scroll forward and backwards through the list of protocols to find the one you wish to run. They are in alphabetical order. Hold it down for fast scroll.

Energy Level

You can select the desired energy output level from 1-10. 10 is the highest level and is the preferred level for maximum therapeutic efficacy. You can change the power level only AFTER you have selected or are running a protocol. You do so by using the + and – on the scroll wheel.


Play the protocol or pause it at any time.

Coil Location

The coils are located near the back and bottom of the VIBE. The back of the device should be against your body with the screen facing away from the body.

Active Display

While running a protocol, the screen will display the energy level setting, battery status, frequency display, protocol that is running, timer, and progress bar.

The display will go to sleep after 15 seconds to conserve battery power, but the protocol is still running. Press any button to refresh the screen.

If a protocol is NOT running and no buttons are clicked, the device will turn off after 10 minutes of no activity, again to conserve power. For example, 10 minutes after a protocol has finished the device will turn off unless you click something else.


The VIBE is charged with a USB-C charging cable (included) into a USB hub or by using a USB AC wall adapter (not included). A green battery indicator will flow/fill indicating it is charging. When it is fully charged it will be a solid full green.

Charging time is approximately 2 hours. Battery life is approximately 5 hours at maximum energy level setting.

Wearing the Device

The device should be worn around the neck with the lanyard provided or by placing in your pocket, with the coils side (back of the device) against the body. For pain protocols, the device can be placed closer to the affected area and held in place with an ace bandage, placed at the small of your back while slipped in the waistline, etc. For example, place it in a sock for swollen ankle (General Inflammation), ace bandage on the wrist for arthritis, or attach it to the back of a baseball cap for neck pain.

Lanyard Instructions

Please see the videos to the left for the 2 methods to attach the Lanyard. The 1st video is using the Pulsar XO but the slot and method for the VIBE is the same.