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What or Earth Our We Doing to Our Health ? Book Synopsis

May 1, 2024by ResonaHealth0

Book Synopsis

In the book “What On Earth are We Doing to Our Health?” by Mark L. Fox, the readers embark on an eye-opening journey where the central theme revolves around resonance. In the present world, people are exposed to various vibrations and frequencies of both natural and unnatural origins. These frequency ranges can have significant impacts on health and well-being. This is the idea that this book is all about. The author begins by clarifying the concept of resonance, which is that everything vibrates at specific frequencies and that these vibrations could be toxic, neutral, or supportive, depending on circumstances.

Developing this, the book moves to frequency therapies and energy medicines to utilize the resonance principle for healing. Despite a long history lasting over 100 years, the effectiveness of these frequency therapies, including light therapy, sound therapy, electrical current and magnetic fields, is still considered alternative or complementary treatments in Western society. The book analyzes the factors contributing to this situation, like the influence of big pharmaceutical companies on medical research and treatment.


However, the author presents a compelling case for the scientific validity of frequency therapies, citing numerous research papers and clinical studies that demonstrate their effectiveness. The book pinpoints many specific frequency therapy techniques designed to work using the Resonance Frequency Therapy (RFT). It is necessary to understand that RFT is based on accurately calibrating frequencies extracted from Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) therapy. FSM has demonstrated high efficiency, but, unfortunately, it is also costly and almost unaffordable for the standard population. RFT plans to overcome associated obstacles by digitalizing the FSM frequencies and delivering them through audios or pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) of low intensity and pulsed waves.

The book gives a fantastic account of frequency therapy at the cellular level by delving into the body’s own electrical and electromagnetic systems. Support for their concerns about security and potential side effects will also be provided, showing that low-intensity frequency therapies are generally safe and well-tolerated. The most appealing part of the book is the discussion of real-life instances and protocols which show different health disorders that may benefit from RFT, such as weight loss, migraines, insomnia, immune system support, and insulin resistance. The author explains the complicated frequency pairs and sets of sequences used in each protocol. He also points out the ideas behind the development of these patterns.

The greatest strength of RFT is its simplicity and safety, which make it so appealing. It is not like that of drugs, which some may call “Bozone” solutions; on the contrary, it uses the natural vibration of frequencies, which resonate with our biological systems. Even though the exact way RFT works has yet to be made clear, the evidence left behind by empirical research suggests a lot in this regard. Thousands of people with RFT have been at their disposal since RFT was introduced more than three decades ago, and many of them have been able to experience the great benefits of RFT, with many people reporting significant pain reduction and improved well-being.

It is worth mentioning that Resona Health product devices are designed as low-risk general wellness devices. They are intended for supporting rather than curing, treating, or preventing any disease. This primary focus of RFT on overall health concerns points out the program’s holistic approach, which accompanies existing treatments and therapies but is not a replacement for them. Therefore, this book has made a clear and understandable point about the power of frequency therapies. These methods of health and wellness style revolution could be the future of medicine. Using scientific explanations, historical background, and practical application, this book is a must-read for individuals interested in understanding the universe’s vibrational nature from the perspective of alternative healing modalities.

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