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Earth, Asteroids, and Elephants

March 22, 2023by ResonaHealth0

Earth’s PEMF

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. The Earth’s PEMF refers to the naturally occurring electromagnetic fields generated by the Earth’s magnetic field.

The Earth’s magnetic field is produced by the motion of molten iron in its core. It is not a perfectly uniform field, but instead has variations in its strength and direction over the surface of the Earth. The magnetic field is aligned roughly with the Earth’s axis of rotation, and is tilted at an angle relative to the Earth’s surface.

The Earth’s magnetic field is important for many reasons, including navigation for animals and humans, protecting the Earth from harmful solar radiation, and influencing the behavior of charged particles in the ionosphere.

In addition to the static magnetic field, the Earth also has a variable electromagnetic field. This field is generated by interactions between the Earth’s magnetic field and charged particles in the ionosphere and magnetosphere. These interactions produce electromagnetic waves that propagate through the Earth’s atmosphere and can be detected on the Earth’s surface.

The Earth’s PEMF is believed to have beneficial effects on living organisms. It is thought to help regulate circadian rhythms, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall well-being.

These PEMF frequencies are very, very low under 20 Hz in most cases. Low frequencies can travel much farther.

Chelyabinsk meteor

The Chelyabinsk meteor was a superbolide that entered Earth’s atmosphere on February 15, 2013, over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. The meteor exploded in the atmosphere with a force estimated to be equivalent to about 30 times the energy released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

The explosion created a shock wave that traveled through the atmosphere and caused a vibration that was detected around the world. The vibration was caused by the atmospheric pressure wave generated by the explosion, which propagated through the Earth’s atmosphere and caused the ground to vibrate.

The vibration was detected by seismometers and infrasound sensors located around the world, including as far away as Antarctica. The waves were found to have circled the Earth twice, and the event was one of the largest infrasonic detections ever recorded.

These frequencies could travel around the world twice because they were infrasonic or very low frequencies around 20 Hz.

Low frequencies can travel much farther.


Infrasound is a low-frequency sound that is below the range of human hearing. Elephants are known to use infrasound to communicate with each other over long distances, as it can travel through the air and ground more easily than higher frequency sounds.

Elephants produce infrasonic calls by using their larynx and vocal cords, which generate sound waves that can travel several miles through the air and up to 30 miles through the ground. These low-frequency calls can be detected by other elephants, even if they are many miles away. Infrasonic communication is particularly important for elephants as they live in dense forested areas where it can be difficult to see other members of their herd or to navigate through their environment.

Studies have shown that elephants use infrasonic calls to communicate a range of information, such as warning calls about potential predators, calls for help, and calls to locate other herd members. Infrasonic communication is also thought to play a role in elephant mating behaviors and social bonding. Elephants are highly social animals and use a variety of communication methods, including visual and tactile cues, in addition to infrasonic calls, to maintain their complex social structures.

Elephants can communicate over long distance because low frequency travels further.


This fundamental fact of physics and nature – that low frequencies travel further, is a key to the VIBE “Pocket” PEMF device effectiveness. It allows an extremely low frequency and magnetic strength to travel throughout the entire human body when the device is simply in your pocket.

Picture a pebble in a pond. The VIBE is the pebble, but the water in our bodies allows the energy to propagate thought the body like a wave from a pebble in a pond. Low frequency resonance is key to this kind of PEMF therapy.

When it comes to PEMF – Bigger is not better.

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