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Hat Hack for Neck Pain

May 23, 2022by ResonaHealth0

Resona Health PEMF devices work in part by resonating with the water in your body. As such, all of the protocols can be ran by simply wearing the lanyard around your neck. Like a badge at a business conference.

However it would stand to reason, that when possible, placing the device as close to the source of the problem should make it even more effective. Swollen ankle ? Place it in your sock. Carpal Tunnel? slide it under a wrist band.

For neck pain, here is a free and simple hack to get the device on the back of your neck.

Albeit it is not sexy or glamorous but it works great. Grab a baseball cap out of your closet and just tie the lanyard to the adjustable strap in the back. Wear the setup while watching TV, reading, on your computer, etc. You won’t win any fashion shows, but you are likely in your PJ’s anyway.

You can easily adjust where it sits on your neck by changing the lanyard length beyond the knot. Place the device directly over the part of your neck that is the sorest.

See if this simple set up provides even more relief from your neck pain.

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