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“General Inflammation” Ghost Bug

July 26, 2023by ResonaHealth0


When you try to run the “General Inflammation” protocol does the screen start to “stutter”? Does it “slowly shut down in a kind of crawl mode” like you see in the video above? When you click any button it does nothing?

If so we truly apologize.

You have come across a very rare bug that we are desperately trying to fix. Please bare with us.

What do you do?

Hold down the power button for 10 seconds until the unit shuts down. Turn it back on as you normally would.

How to prevent it?

When it powers up, play any protocol BUT General Inflammation for 1-2 seconds (the logical choice is “Acne” since it shows up first.), then click pause. Then click the menu button and scroll to General Inflammation and play the protocol.

Yes we know its a nuisance, but the whole procedure is only 20 seconds, so please be patient why we try to fix it. It is extremely hard to reproduce the problem in the lab and even harder to fix something that pops it ugly head up so rarely. Its not easy being a Ghost Buster 🙂

What causes it?

Honestly we don’t know yet, but we are working hard trying to figure it out. It seems to be “environment related”. What that means is something in the customer’s environment is causing it.

It might be overvoltage from chargers, EMF from the location where you live. It might be “dirty electricity” during charging. Or the Gremlins in your neighborhood are not nice 🙁

We have tried to test all of those things, but don’t have the answer yet. 

We are working on it 24/7 to fix it so you can have the best experience possible with VIBE.

Bottom line – Run any other protocol for 1-2 seconds before you run General Inflammation.

This video explains it in some more detail:



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