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Skinny Packaging

March 13, 2022by ResonaHealth0


We ship our products with everything that is needed to arrive safely at your door – and nothing more. The product comes in a simple box and a #0 bubble envelope. That’s it. Lucy invented what she calls “Skinny Packaging” which is a trend that we hope catches on. The amount of waste some companies ship with their products is ridiculous. Look at what Apple sends with a single iPhone:

Apple is trying to make you feel good about the $1000 you just dropped on a new phone. It’s like a Russian doll, a box inside a box, inside a box. With global warming we all need to keep as may trees in the ground as possible, not turn them into paper products that you just throw away. If you are going to throw it away, then why ship it to you? Our packaging has everything you need and nothing else.

Not sorry.

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