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Water Memory

August 6, 2021by ResonaHealth0

Like most people, here at Resona Health we were very skeptical about the idea of infusing our PEMF protocols into water and creams. Its seems so far fetched, but after testing the facts show it works. The frequencies are remembered for about 8 hours in water and 30 days in creams.

But how can this be possible?

The best explanation is the frequencies are trapped in the “coherent domains” of water.

This wonderful and interesting documentary below is the best we have found to explain the concept.

Spoiler Alert – Here is the punchline of the video. DNA was put into a test tube in France then diluted, diluted and diluted again…..to the point that the DNA quantity was equivalent to a drop of water in all of the Earth’s oceans. So essentially all of the DNA was gone. Then the water was subjected to a magnetic field and the frequency of the water was recorded as an electronic file – like a MP3 music file or .jpg

Then the file was emailed to Italy. They took pure distilled water and subjected to magnetic waves using the emailed France file. Then the tube of water was subjected to PCR to reproduce the DNA. But remember there was no DNA in the water, they started with distilled.

Not only did the magnetic waves create DNA but it exactly matched the original undiluted DNA in France.

The DNA was transferred from France to Italy though the memory of water. Wow.

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