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ZzzQUIL Alternative

July 22, 2021by ResonaHealth0

ZzzQUIL has been selling like crazy for insomnia, but do you know what is in it?


New mother’s know its a dirty little trick to get their babies to fall asleep, but it has dangerous side effects. The main ingredient is the most common antihistamine that has been around for 70 years – Diphenhydramine. It is the same drug used in almost every “PM” over the counter drug. None of the these drugs should be used for more than 14 days.

There is no 2020 data yet, but in 2019 sales where $84 million.

Is there a safer and less expensive solution?

Yes…..Any of the Resona Health Products. No Drugs. No Bozone.

Anal bleeding is not listed as a side effect for ZzzQUIL, but there are plenty on the list.

Confusion (Delirium)
Increased pressure within the eye
Stomach upset
Dry mouth or nose
Thick lung secretions
Difficulty urinating
Low blood pressure
Blurry or double vision
Rapid or irregular heart rate
Light sensitivity
Erectile dysfunction

All Resona Health products are FDA low risk general wellness devices with no known side effects.

Plus they can be used EVERY night if needed, its impossible to “over dose”.

Consider a better alternative.

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