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Save 21 Vets

July 15, 2021by ResonaHealth0

21 U.S. military veterans commit suicide every day.

A horrific fact that should crush your heart, and the heart in every American. The brave men and women who risks their lives, so we can live ours, end up taking their own.

This is obviously unacceptable.

Resonance Frequency Therapy (RFT) is a non-invasive technique that has shown excellent results in helping people live well with PTSD. But less than 2% of veterans are getting this treatment.


The first reason is that most Veterans are not aware of it and unfortunately, neither are their doctors. If they are lucky enough to find out about it, the next issue becomes time and money. To date, these therapies have been conducted in clinical settings with expensive equipment – as much as $10,000 + per system. Doctor visits are time consuming and expensive for the Vets. Currently, most insurance companies and the Veteran’s Administration do not cover the costs. It is an out of pocket expensive for our heroes.

Frequency therapies have been around for decades with many successful outcomes. They are safe and effective with little or no known side effects. There are many references and publications on Resona.Health related to this technology. You can download the free eBook – Resonance Frequency Therapy for PTSD to learn more about the technology.


Resona Health has developed a low-cost, simple to use, consumer device that can be used at home. No doctor visits required. No Drugs.

What is “Save 21 Vets” all about?

The goal of the project is simple, albeit ambitious: get this device into the hands of every American hero who suffers from PTSD, free of charge.


Coldwell Banker has partnered with Resona Health to purchase and deliver these devices to the Veterans who need it. For each home that is listed and sold with Coldwell Banker they will purchase 21 devices regardless of the price/value of the home that was sold.

“Save 21 Vets” has partnered with multiple PTSD organizations who will help administer the distribution of the devices to those who need it. There are 1000’s of soldiers waiting.

All the funding to purchase the devices comes from Coldwell Banker’s standard commission. You the home seller, do not pay an extra penny for this project. Coldwell Banker is simply donating a portion of their proceeds to purchase the devices.

Prevent 21 Suicides

If you are planning to sell your home, of course you could list your home with any real estate company you choose. On its own merit, Coldwell Banker is one of the best choices you could make to list your home. They consistently rank as one of the highest real estate companies around. But Coldwell Banker cares about making a bigger dent in the world and so should you. There is more to life than buying and selling property.

Swing the hammer at PTSD and save the lives of 21 people who have spent their life protecting your freedoms. Allow our Veterans to live a full and wonderful life – free of nightmares, trauma, anxiety, and depression.

It’s the least we all can do.

List your home with Coldwell Banker and save 21 lives.

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