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Pandemic’s effect on America’s Youth

April 7, 2021by ResonaHealth0

Young adults are having the hardest time coping out of any age group. Loneliness, anxiety and depression are putting extra pressure on the group. The coronavirus pandemic has taxed America’s mental health system over the past year. As of Monday afternoon, the disease had killed at least 555,000 Americans, and 2.85 million people worldwide.

Megan Kent never made it to South Korea to fulfill a graduation requirement for her undergraduate degree in international studies. She still holds a part-time job in Moscow, but many of her days feel the same. A recent survey by the CDC found more than 40% of adults in the U.S. felt anxious or depressed within the last seven days – 5% higher than just a few months ago. The difference was even starker for those between 18-29. The report found 57% of them reported anxiety or depression in the last week.

Andrew Rose, a 23-year-old who’s studying political science at College of Western Idaho, said the pandemic has heightened his feelings of anxiety, depression and PTSD. Rose said he’s struggled at times with drinking too much, but that his symptoms eventually improved. Lockdowns, hybrid classes, social distancing are all coming at a time when young people are still discovering who they are as a person. “When I don’t have a strong sense of self and I’m really grounded in that identity, then I’m more susceptible to the disruptions of relationships,” Rose said.

Millions of vaccines administered every day in the U.S. could signal the drawdown of the pandemic. However, counselors feel the country’s future mental health needs will be ongoing. “The mental health impact of this pandemic has a tail on it that we cannot see the end of,” said Matt Niece from Boise State. For now, Kent at University of Idaho sees a future where talking to strangers will be nerve-wracking and connections with new people will be fewer and far between.

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