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Tackle ADHD with your phone

November 16, 2020by ResonaHealth0

Our smartphones are an utterly amazing technology. You hold more computing power in your hand then the astronauts had to land on the moon. Today’s cell phones have combined so many products into one device and made at least a dozen other industries obsolete: Landlines, standalone GPS, answering machines, payphones, scanners, point and shoot cameras, camcorders, alarm clocks, voice recorders, iPods and digital music players, calculators, maps, and in some cases even TV’s.

And that is not even counting the 5 million apps that exist in the Apple Store and Google Play that make the phone even more amazing. There are of course 100,000’s of apps that fall into the health and wellness category that measure calorie tracking, meditation, sleep monitoring, workouts, stress relief as well as online doctor visits.

Traditional frequency therapy requires an in-person doctor’s visit. The frequencies are administered to the body with electrical wires and conductive pads to deliver a very low electrical current. These frequencies can be delivered to the body without wires using Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF). These PEMF fields however still need to be generated with expensive electrical equipment.

That is until now.

At Resona Health we have invented a low-cost consumer PEMF device. What is really cool is we figured out how to generate and deliver these therapeutic frequencies to the PEMF device with your existing phone.

Here is how it works, and it is beautiful in its simplicity. A PEMF device at its core is just a wire coil. When electrical current flows through it, it creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field can contain any number of frequencies. Actually, the coil acts almost like a speaker except for its making magnetic waves, not sound waves. So the coil receives the frequencies from a machine or device that generates and sends the frequencies. Until now, these “sending” machines are expensive to manufacture and produce.

The magic is we are using the sound card in your cell phone to produce those frequencies.

The expensive machine has been eliminated. Just like the phone eliminated maps and cameras, we plan to eliminate the expensive frequency machines. You probably have never thought much about it, but the sound card in your phone is an incredible piece of technology. When you play “stairway to heaven” or “the boys are back in town” you know the quality and clarity of the sounds are phenomenal. Your sound card is capable of delivering from 1 – 20,000 Hz with incredible precision. You hear the instruments, drums, and vocals which cover an enormous range of frequencies.

Phone Audio IC

The range of frequencies used in Resonance Frequency Therapy, or RFT is 1 -1000 Hz which is well within the range of any phone or computer audio card. So, at Resona Health we have taken the frequency protocols used in RFT and created MP3’s using a music synthesizer. These MP3 protocols then are simple MP3’s that you play off our website. You don’t even need an app, as long as you have access to the internet you can run the protocols.

This has eliminated the majority of the cost of current frequency therapy equipment. All you need now is one of our PEMF coils that costs $200 – $300 instead of the $5000 – $10,000 for traditional equipment.

This is a monumental breakthrough that allows the average consumer to run these therapies at home and skip the doctor’s visit altogether.

Since the ADHD protocol is one of our core protocols, you can now realize improvements in symptoms and performance for children and adults with ADHD. Along with an affordable PEMF device you can now tackle ADHD with your cell phone.

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