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ADHD Therapy without Drugs

November 10, 2020by ResonaHealth0

You dreamed your son would become a doctor, engineer, scientist, or the genius who finally cured cancer. Yale, Harvard, Princeton: the choices were exciting. You and our spouse had these discussions many times at the dinner table, even before he was born.

When the day finally arrived, you adored this tiny wet creature. Born with a slightly pointed big head, scrunched legs and arms, tiny fingers, and toes. With pink and purple skin, the doctor said everything was normal.

And it was.

You didn’t realize it was possible to love anything this much. With a waterfall of emotions, you channeled all those excess feelings into writing letters for his memory box. Maybe someday he will read them.

At some point, you started to notice your child was not quite like the rest of your friend’s kids. Your observations and stories of behavior were different. Long before he struggled with tying his shoes, you noticed something was just off. He would seem to lash out at his brother for no reason. Often his requests and demands were downright irrational. Video games would set him off and he could not ride a bike even by age 8, although his brother was riding before he was 5.

You showed your doctor a video of his behavior. One clip was of him throwing the remote at the TV and breaking the screen. After a referral to a psychiatrist and some testing, the verdict was in.

Your boy has ADHD.

Adderall showed promise at first but seemed to become ineffective over time. Also, it made him depressed at times, he just was not himself. A host of other drugs provided some benefits but each time there was always a downside as well.

What else can you do for your son’s ADHD besides more and more drugs?

Resonance Frequency Therapy (RFT).

RFT uses exceptionally low energy frequency wave pairs that have been shown to deliver improvements in symptoms and performance for children with ADHD. The Cleveland Clinic has had a 70% success rate with this technology. Many similar studies have been conducted in this field as well. It is not new; in fact, it is over 100 years old – Big Pharma just doesn’t want you to know about it.

All things have a natural frequency. The frequency at which a system oscillates when subjected to a continuous or repeated external force. This is true for all things living and inanimate objects.

Your body and the cells within it are no different and it is key to how frequency therapies work. It is theorized that the frequencies resonate with your body in two ways. There are specific frequencies for the tissue and organs (the location) and what is wrong with it (nerve damage, muscle soreness, inflammation, etc.)

The frequency waves can be delivered via sound, infusion into water, magnetic fields, and direct wire pads (like a TENS unit but a 1000X LESS energy). For ADHD in children, we recommend using the magnetic field devices. Simply place the device under their pillow at night. There are no known side effects to this therapy.

You play the frequencies as an MP3 from your phone which is Bluetooth connected to the PEMF device, same as you pair to a wireless speaker. You access the MP3 protocols on the Resona.Health website- the is no app or software to download.

The magnetic device then “plays” several pairs of frequencies which are delivered in a specific sequence for a few minutes at a time and then the protocol moves to another pair. Each of these pairs run for normally 1-2 minutes up to 5 minutes. There is a total of 49 different pairs of frequencies in the ADHD protocol. This is contained in the program and there is nothing for you to do except play the protocol on your phone, tablet, or computer.

For example, the first frequency pair targets an emotional component (A) in the medulla part of the brain (B). The second frequency pair targets inflammation (A) in the sensory-motor cortex (B). Then it moves to the “emotional component” (A) in the “forebrain” (B). Then it reduces both acute and chronic inflammation in several other areas: midbrain, hindbrain, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and adrenal cortex.

Last is the constitutional frequencies that resonate with different personality types – 48hz is for kids who are very sensitive and emotional and 55hz is for kids who have behavioral or mood issues.

We are always updating and improving the protocol, but the current total run time for this session is one hour and two minutes.

Resonance Frequency Therapy may be the answer you have been looking for.

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