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Solfeggio Connect

This frequency is believed to help deal with relationship problems – family, friends, business, etc. When talking about cellular processes this frequency can encourage the cells to communicate with their environment.

This product is a frequency intended to be used with Resona Health Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) devices and light devices. It can also be used as an audible at low volume.

Run time = 30 minutes

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Note – The player above defaults to a single protocol session indicated by the open loop. If you would like to automatically restart the protocol and have it run multiple sessions click on the icon for the closed loop with or without the number 1 in it. The closed loop with the number 1 means it runs the current protocol over and over. The closed loop with no number means it runs all of the protocols in the playlist before repeating. The majority of Resona protocols are single protocols with only one protocol per playlist, so in most cases “loop playlist” and “loop current” provide the same result.

All Resona Health products are low-risk general wellness devices. We do NOT treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease nor do we make ANY claims in this manner. Please read the Caution and Warnings carefully.