Improve Meditation with Vibe, the Pocket PEMF Device

Meditation Enhancement With Frequency Energy

  • World's only "Pocket" PEMF device to improve meditation
  • 58 additional protocols found nowhere else
    58 additional protocols found nowhere else
  • Lightweight, discreet therapy
  • Travel friendly and portable
  • No drugs, Dr. Visits, or prescriptions
  • No apps to download
  • $150 off, now only $249 (use coupon code "EM150" at checkout)
  • $30/month subscription fee - waived for life
  • We pay all shipping and handling costs - Worldwide
  • No Risk - 30-day money back guarantee

“It really seemed to slow my thinking down, to where I could concentrate better”. BF

“I found that when I could feel the stress building, I actually craved using the device because I knew it would actually help”. JS

“I feel that the routine helped my body adjust to a new way of being, the vibrations seemed to make a big difference after about 2 weeks”. SK


Use coupon code “EM150” at checkout (if your browser does not apply it automatically)

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