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Bogan Sleep Consultants, LLC has partnered with Resona Health to conduct an at home 30-day sleep study using the VIBE PEMF device.

Drug Free – No side effects. The world’s only “Pocket” PEMF device for relief from Insomnia.  A single standalone device with no bulky wires. 

The study is simple and straight forward. 

The participant simply wears a PEMF device around the neck with a lanyard or places it in their pocket while watching TV, reading, walking, cooking etc. Each session lasts 47 minutes and should be conducted about an hour before bedtime. This should be completed a minimum of 3-4 times per week during the 30-day study. The frequencies are extremely low energy and safe.

Participants will complete some simple questionnaires at the beginning, middle, and end of the study with the Bogan Sleep Consultants staff.

To get the maximum effectiveness, you must be properly hydrated. This means consuming a liter, or 4 glasses of water in the preceding 4 hours before therapy. This is necessary because the technology uses the water solution in your body to transfer the energy waves.

Participants in the study get to keep the VIBE for free! ($399 value)

As an added benefit beyond sleep, the VIBE comes with protocols for relief from PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Back Pain, Asthma, Migraine,  plus 40 additional copyrighted protocols.

See how easy the VIBE is to use.

To participate in the study, contact Dr Bogan at Bogan Sleep Consultants 

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