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Calling all Android Developers

Are you up for the challenge?

“I don’t care about what anything was DESIGNED to do, I care about what it CAN do.

Gene Kranz – Apollo 13


Build an Android app and/or modify the operating system to allow MP3 files to be “played” through the Qi charging coil.


We have mp3 files that when played through a copper coil produce magnetic waves that are therapeutic.

This potentially allows existing phones to be repurposed as a health therapy device by using the Qi coil already in the phone.

When we say” played” we don’t mean it makes any sound. It does not make any sound. The idea is you can take ANY mp3 player or phone and replace the speaker with a coil and it will become a therapy device. We have proven this many times.

These are some of the MP3 protocols:

Pulsar XO Protocols

Our goal is to not modify any of the hardware on the phone. We want to be able to develop an app and/or operating system that enables all existing Android phones with QI charging coils to be repurposed as a therapy device.

We know the qi coil was never intended to be used this way, it’s part of a battery charging system.

But your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to develop the software so the mp3s can be played through the Qi coil.  Customers would buy and download the software to modify their phones.

If you can figure this one out, we will give a $10,000.


Mark L. Fox
Resona Health