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This is the research page for Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Resona Health

Water Infusion

Phase 1 is a test run with 5 dogs and will last 2 weeks.  We will do both stress scores and cortisol testing at the beginning and end of the test. Phase 2 will continue with 20 more dogs for 30 days. Click the links below to launch the forms.

Stress Score

Cortisol Test

The stress score instructions seem a little cumbersome at first, but read the instructions 2-3 times then it will make sense. It should only take 1 minute per dog to complete the stress score.

The Pulsar XO devices will we placed on 5-gallon water bottles and the water needs to be treated for at least 24 hours before consumption. The bottles can have the protocol on them as long as possible – there is no maximum time or overdose.

Please ensure that the treated water is the primary source of water for the dog’s participating in the study. Simply refill the bottles in the “rotating water farm” with prior to treatment with the normal (hose, etc) water used at BDRR.

Please check the Pulsar XO devices periodically to make sure they are operating correctly. They should have both a blinking red and blink blue light and be warm to the touch.


Swab Sampling Technique

The technique we have found to be most useful in collecting saliva from dogs is as follows:

1 – One handler holds the dog steady to avoid it walking away, while the other firmly holds a 5” saliva collection swab in one hand and lifts the subject’s lip with the other hand

2 – Place the swab into the mouth through the space between the upper and lower canine teeth and the premolars, which often causes the dog to open his or her mouth

3 – Hold the muzzle loosely shut so that the dog can chew on the swab, stimulating saliva flow

4 – Hold the swab firmly and move it around to sample from several areas of the mouth. It may take 2-3 minutes for saturation of the swab. The swab can also be used to wipe saliva from the areas between the gingiva and cheeks of the dog.

Training using positive reinforcement can facilitate oral fluid collection procedures. After saturation, the swab can be compressed through a 5-10cc syringe to extract the saliva, or placed in a storage tube. Handling post-collection is similar to that of human samples. This technique has been successful for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, researchers, and dog owners (Dreschel, 2007; Dreschel and Granger, 2005, 2009).




Direct PEMF

The PEMF test may be ran after the completion of the water infusion test. We will run an additional test with a simple vest and the Pulsar XO device connected to the vest via Velcro for single session 3-4 times per week. Number of dogs and duration TBD.