Resonance Frequency Therapy for People and Pets

All Resona Health products are FDA general wellness devices. We do NOT treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease nor do we make ANY claims in this manner.

Resonance Frequency Therapy

Therapy for Pain, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, Cold Sores, Shingles, Depression, Arthritis, and 20+ other ailments.

All Resona products are FDA low-risk general wellness devices.




Resonance Frequency Therapy (RFT) delivered as sound waves using your smartphone and earbuds


RFT Therapies are infused into a glass of water which you simply drink or infused into cream that is applied to the skin


RFT's are delivered to the body via a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) generated from a Flux pad


RFT delivery via LED lights which flicker at the protocol frequencies. Extensive MIT reach support this modality...

Just want to update you on my progress/results. I've felt a significant improvement in emotional balance (decreased emotional reactivity e.g. less fear, anger and oversensitivity) resulting in increased calmness and confidence. I've also noted an improvement in mental clarity and focus. I am running the depression, ADHD, brain fog, and relax and balance audio and device programs alternately on an almost daily basis. I also run the PTSD program once a week. I let my daughter borrow the Gemini last week to test if it can help with her acne. I may lend it to my son for his insomnia issues too.


Thank you for creating and sharing the free anxiety audible. It helped me a lot during this past road trip. I could finally drive across large bridges without cowering in fear for the first time in years.


Shingles is very painful and the worse thing is it lasts 4-6 weeks. With the Resona Gemini the sores disappeared in 2 days


I have been using Resona Health since September 2021 and it has definitely helped me stay well. As a nursery and kindergarten teacher I am exposed to children that have colds and even Covid… By using the protocols for Flu and Common Cold I have been able to stay healthy and not miss a day of work Thank you Resona Health.


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