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In this short video below, we show you how to infuse the protocols into water or cream using the VIBE.

Simply start the protocol you want, then place the VIBE with the screen side against the table and place the water bottle or cream on the back of the VIBE, near the coil vents.

Then drink the water or apply the cream to your skin.

Our anecdotal data shows the water retains the protocol for 6 hours and the cream for 30 days.


Welcome to the Resona Health Infusion System. The system uses Resonance Frequency Therapy or RFT. For RFT to be effective, you must be hydrated.

“Hydrated” means approximately 1 quart of water in the four hours preceding therapy. Coffee and caffeinated beverages do not count as water.

All Resona products are FDA low-risk general wellness devices. The Resona Health Infusion System is simple and easy to use. When infusing water, start with any clean glass container that has a lid. You can use regular tap water, bottled water, or filtered water from your refrigerator.

Fill the glass container with water and tightly secure the lid. With both hands, vigorously shake the water for at least 30 seconds. You are energizing the water, so it is more receptive to infusing the frequencies.

Plug one end of the cable to the pad and the other to your phone. In addition to your phone, you can use any device that can access the internet and has an audio output. The audio output is the same connection you use for your headset or earbuds. Place the glass container on top of your Resona Infusion pad.

Attention – You must make sure the volume on the device is turned up as “loud” as it will go, to send the maximum energy to the pad.

So you can use your phone, a tablet, or a computer. Please make sure that the Infusion pad is not directly next to any other electronic devices beside your phone or tablet. The issue is some electronic devices emit electromagnetic fields that could interfere with the Infusion pad.

Then go to our web site Resona.Health and click on the Device Protocols tab. Simply click on the therapy that you would like to run.

The therapy is running once you see the blue LED lights. There are 2 things happening here. The Infusion pad is delivering the frequencies to the water via Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies (PEMF). You can not see or feel these frequencies as they are extremely low in energy.

But rest assured they are very powerful therapeutically. The LED lights are delivering the same frequencies via light which increases the dosage and potency of the water. Some of the protocols are quite complex with many different frequencies and frequency changes. You will see the LED lights flicker and change depending on the frequency that is currently being delivered. This is completely normal.

Once the infusion is complete the lights will stop. Now the water is ready to drink. No chemicals or drugs just pure therapy charged water. The water will hold the frequencies for up to 10 hours.

You can consume the water directly from the glass container or pour it in any other glass or cup you would like. However, when the glass container gets down to about 25% you can refill the container with more water within the 10-hour window. The residual 25% will charge the new water when added.

Drink the water all day long. You can add lemon or other natural flavors but avoid sugar and other unhealthy additives.

Additionally the device can be placed against the skin or located under your pillow at night and you can run any of the protocols that way !

Cheers to your health!