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What if I have multiple ailments?

November 8, 2023by ResonaHealth0
We have many customers in the same boat. Some are sticking to the most pressing issue first to be able to measure improvement more clearly. Others mix it up and use multiple protocols simultaneously.
When we designed the VIBE, we were under the assumption most people would use it for a single ailment. So we suggested running the one protocol 3-4 times a week minimum, for 30 days to see the results.
However it seems a large percentage of our customers have 2, 3 or more issues that the VIBE has protocols to address. We have several customers running 6 or more protocols simultaneously. We believe most people need to give their body a rest in between protocols so it has time to use the energy to allow you body and mind to heal. One thing we have proven from the customer experience, is you can’t seem to overdose.
We strongly suggest that you keep a log or record of your improvement. Measure it subjectively and objectively if possible. Obviously for things like blood sugar, measure your blood sugar over time. For things like PTSD, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a key indicator of improvement. Higher HRV is good, not the other way around, its not intuitive at first – you want your HRV to INCREASE for good health.
One of the most powerful subjective measurements is to ask your family and friends. Do I seem happier to you?  Am I complaining less? Do they want to hang out with you more? Are you having more pleasant conversations?
With the ADHD protocol , its usually the teacher who calls the parents and asks “Did you change Johnny’s medication?”
One product we highly recommend is the Fitbit Inspire 3. It measures HRV, Sleep, Stress, and General Wellness. And its affordable. These 4 measurements over time can tell you a lot regardless of what ailment(s) you have. We have no association with them, we just like the product.
smart watch
One of the main reasons it is so important to measure your improvement is about 50% of the people will forget how bad they felt 30 days earlier. Its just human nature. We know a local chiropractor who videos all new patients for range of motion, etc. for exactly that reason.
“The 1st time they come into the office on a walker, you know the one with the tennis balls on the legs. 2 weeks later they come in on a cane. 30 days later they walk in with a lap dog.
“But Doctor, I have always been able to move like this.”
“No you haven’t and I will show you.”
So obviously that part of it is not an exact science and everyone is different..so you just have to try it and see what works best for you.

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