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Frozen VIBE Screen

July 14, 2023by ResonaHealth0

At some point, you may experience what appears to be a “frozen screen” on your VIBE. You click the power button, and nothing happens.

You believe your VIBE is now broken.

Don’t worry, your VIBE is fine. It is just in protocol “pause” mode.

Simply click the play button to restart the protocol, then you can pause it again, select the menu button, and move on.

How and why does the “frozen screen” happen?

Let’s discuss a few things about the VIBE operation. The VIBE has several power saving features, and they affect how the device behaves. Let’s look at them briefly:

1 – When you power it on, your device will automatically be in “menu” mode, usually starting at the begging protocol “Acne”, as they are in alphabetical order.

You scroll to the protocol you want, hit play, and put it I your pocket. Let the protocol run the entire duration, then the device will turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity to save power. Inactivity means “not clicking any buttons.”

2 – When running a protocol, after 15 seconds the screen goes into sleep mode, but the protocol is still running. Click any button and it wakes the screen back up. This again is a feature to save power. A lit screen requires a lot of power.

3 – When you power it up, if you don’t scroll or do anything for 15 seconds, again the screen will go into sleep mode.

4 – After 10 minutes of no activity, the device will turn off. Again, to save power.

So, what is the most likely scenario that results in a “frozen screen”?

You were running a protocol and you clicked the pause button. Either intentionally or by accident. Maybe the pause button got clicked while it was in your pocket, and you didn’t even know it. So, when the protocol gets paused, if there is no activity for 10 minutes, the device powers completely off as previously described.

So, you turn it on, and it looks like its frozen. But it’s not. It is in protocol pause mode. It remembers where it was in the duration of the protocol before it powered down.

Again, the solution is to simply click the play button to restart the protocol. Then you can pause it, select menu, power it on or off, and move on.

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