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My VIBE gets warm, is that normal?

April 27, 2023by ResonaHealth0
The device should get warm, about 105F which is normal, but not “very hot”. We have never seen one get much warmer than that.
It puts out energy, so it will get warm and some protocols have higher frequencies that are warmer but again it should not get higher than 105-110F.
It can depending on how you are you “wearing” it, with a lanyard around your neck, in your pocket ? If you have it your my pocket with thick material/fabric pants of course it gets a little warmer without ventilation. Many women put it inside their bra against their skin, which we don’t recommend because it has no ventilation. It needs a little.
Is it too hot to touch ?  If not than its likely normal. We have never seen a VIBE “over heat” but we have a temperature cut off system built in just in case, though it has never been activated in customer use or testing.
It’s hard to know exactly how warm it is getting if you don’t have an infrared thermometer to measure it…like some of us engineers do 🙂
But you can estimate 105 F by running water in the sink and adjusting the hot and cold so that it is very warm on your fingertip, but not too hot on the wrist.
Then touch your finger to the VIBE, they should feel about same temperature 105F 
If so then that is completely normal.
So the best options if its too hot for you:
1 – “Wear” is so it gets better ventilation and don’t put it against our skin
2 – Turn the power level down to 7 or 8 (the + and – on the wheel), it will run much cooler with a 20% – 30% less field strength but that is still therapeutic for most people.

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