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Can frequency therapy help your PTSD? Let’s find out for free

January 22, 2022by ResonaHealth0


Open to try the future of medicine?

It’s energy. It feels good.

Every part of your body has a healthy frequency it “should” be operating at.
Our method is simple.

Broadcast the proper energy signature to the appropriate location in the body.
The body will self-correct and match the healthy frequency.

It’s like singing a song your body already knows. It cannot help but join in.

The process is SIMPLE:

1 – Charge the device, then turn it on
2 – Turn up the volume by pressing the + 5-6 times
3 – Note the time on your watch/clock so you know when the session is complete
4 – Place the lanyard around your neck while you watch TV, cook, read, or go for a walk

The Pulsar XO will be nearly silent yet broadcast two signals into the body. One for location and one for ideal resonant frequency.

Remember your body is mostly water. The device will be using the water in your body to send the frequency throughout. This is a 100% safe mode with zero negative side effects reported in over 100 years. You can imagine how disruptive this is.

Many people experience relief within the first session.

Yes. It is that amazing.

This may not be for you, yet if it is it could be life-changing.

We believe we are in the midst of the greatest discovery in human biology.

A team of scientists unlocking the secret of all secrets, unlimited health through frequency alignment.  Think about how we are rediscovering Nicolai Tesla and you will start to open up your understanding. The potential is astonishing.

In physics, we have known for years that the every form of matter is made from molecules first yet even smaller are the atoms that make up matter. Drill down and we find quarks. Energy. Everything in our world is made of energy. That energy vibrates at a frequency. The screen you are reading this on, has a frequency that make it a screen. So do the keys on your computer. Your table, your chair everything in your world is a particle of matter vibrating at a frequency.

Viruses, bacteria and even negative emotional states have a frequency.

There’s even a frequency for happiness, 432 hertz. It’s true.

The study of frequency as it relates to healing and health has been moving forward for over 100 years.

There are industries that oppose this science because it does not result in long term dependent consumers that can appear on a quarterly profit and loss statement.

We are in the process of assembling more and more data daily on the ways specific frequencies interact with human bodies. This relates to relieving disease states, illnesses, chronic pain, infections and more.

In just a few short years, in your lifetime you should expect us to be able to “reset” normal function throughout the body by aligning the body with the precise frequencies of health throughout.

If you or someone in your life is currently suffering from PTSD, we would like to connect with them. We have evidence that indicates we can help relieve the state of PTSD with frequency. As remarkable as that sounds, it appears to be the case.

You can read more about it in the following free eBook

If you would like to register to participate in this groundbreaking technological research, watch this 10-min orientation video, then click the registration link at the end.

The device is yours to keep for free. Watch the video below, the registration link is at the end and Download the slides for future reference. 


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