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Green light for migraines

April 12, 2021by ResonaHealth0

A professor at Harvard University studied migraine headaches for years. He found that almost all colors of light increased the severity of the headache except for green light.

Some people are extremely sensitive to even small amounts of light. Rami Burstein has discovered a precise narrow band of natural light that lets you see and function without the discomfort of everyday light.

The Allay light is based on scientific evidence from nearly ten years of research at one of the world’s leading research hospitals.

People with migraine often complain that light hurts them. Researchers have discovered a new pathway in the brain that explains how light hurts. The pathway begins in the eye as light signals come in.

Surprisingly, it ends right in a group of neurons that tell the brain a headache is happening. When the light signals travel on that pathway, they make the headache more painful.

Burstein found that headaches felt worse when patients were exposed to blue, red, and yellow lights. He spent the next two years trying to understand why. Smaller signals, he concluded, were less irritating.

This groundbreaking discovery led to the development of the Allay Lamp.

Resona Health applauds any new devices that apply frequency therapy and not drugs.

Congrats Allay Lamp!


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