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Apollo Update Feb 2021

February 11, 2021by ResonaHealth0

Nothing is ever as easy as it should be, but we are making good progress. After 2 failed designs, we have now corrected all of the technical issues (we hope) and will be receiving the first 40 devices in about 2-3 weeks to test with family and friends.

Here is a brief video that shows what Apollo looks like and a size comparison to a credit card. There is a small hole in the top for a neck lanyard, and 2 slots on the side for attaching a Velcro strap. The two buttons on the top are for power on/off and one for LED lights.

The first batch of batteries have been delivered and they look fantastic. We will be testing both 2A and 4A batteries for battery life. A 4A battery makes the overall case thicker than we originally wanted, but it is what it is…..we need the power. This device puts out 25X more PEMF than a typical FSM PEMF device.

The battery is internal to the device, so most folks will never see it…we just wanted to show you what they looked like 🙂

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