At-Home Therapy



This 30-day therapy program follows the same PEMF therapy plan as the Cross-Specialty plan. However, it does not include NeuroHealth monitoring and training.

When you request this plan, you will fill out a self-evaluation form and agree to the Terms & Conditions. Once complete, we will send you a Resona Health Pulsar XO PEMF therapy device by priority mail.

Your Resona Health package will contain

  • The Pulsar XO Therapy Device
  • A USB cable for charging your device
  • A detailed set of instructions for using the device
  • A 30-day log to track therapy times and results.
  • A phone number to call for help – 24/7/365
  • Two self-evaluation forms, one for use on day 1 and a second you will fill out after 30 consecutive days of therapy.

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